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Our current projects

The Trust focuses on a few key activities at a time. At the moment our key activities are:

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down Stanza Bopape School Library

The library at Stanza Bopape Secondary school is in dire need of an overhaul.  Most of the books are very out of date and tatty and they do not provide relevant support for the current curriculum.  The shelves are old and in a poor state of repair.  They are also very tall so many children can’t access the books on the upper shelves anyway.  There is nowhere in the library to work and children have to use the lower shelves to rest on if they want to write anything down.  Pupils in the upper part of the school are required to undertake project work on their own, but the books in the library either don’t contain the necessary information, or the information is decades out of date.  The Trust has agreed to fund a re-furbishing programme and this has already started.  When this is complete, we will provide funds to start re-stocking the library with modern, attractive and relevant books.  The school will be assisted in this process by our partners Exclusive Books Ltd. who will help the school gain access to advice from educational publishers in South Africa.  Exclusive Books themselves will contribute 12% towards the cost of the new books.



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