Supporting pupils and teachers in South Africa
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Our current projects

The Trust focuses on a few key activities at a time. At the moment our key activities are:

Please help us with any of these projects.  You can make a donation here.  Please email us at if you would like your donation to be used to support a particular activity.



down Our partnership with the University of Pretoria

New LibraryStudents from the University of Pretoria work on a regular basis in the schools we support.  They work in the school libraries not only helping children with their reading and enthusing them about books, but also helping with the organisation and management of the libraries.  Some students have helped with musical activities.  They have also helped in the creation of vegetable gardens where pupils’ families can grow food to eat and to sell and several classrooms have been redecorated.  All this support is voluntary and greatly appreciated by the schools and by the Trust.



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