Supporting pupils and teachers in South Africa
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How do we operate?

The Mamelodi Trust is a UK Registered Charity.

The principal aim of the Trust is to support the advancement of education in schools in Mamelodi and the Mamelodi Teachers' Centre. We want to make a real difference for children in an area of significant deprivation.

The Trust raises funds in the UK to support education in Mamelodi. It normally makes grants direct to schools so that they can make their own decisions about spending priorities.

Every penny donated to the Trust goes to Mamelodi. The small costs of administering the Trust are met from separate sources. We do not employ staff and all work to support the operation of the Trust is carried out by volunteers.

The Trust's bankers are CAF Bank Ltd (Charities Aid Foundation Bank) and Lloyds TSB.  Schools in Mamelodi all have bank accounts with one of the major High Street banks in South Africa.  Funds from the Trust are transferred to South Africa in two ways.  On some occasions funds are made available to schools by direct electronic transfer into school bank accounts. Schools are subject to independent financial audit by the Tshwane South District in Pretoria and schools make detailed returns to the Trust accounting for the money they receive.  On other occasions, the Trust makes payments on behalf of schools direct to the supplier in South Africa.  For example, when schools purchase books, we pay Exclusive Books Ltd, by direct electronic funds transfer, they add a further 12% and the resulting total is credited to the school’s account with Exclusive Books.  The company provides the Trust with monthly accounts showing how the schools have used the funds made available to them.   All these procedures are designed to provide the Trust with a clear audit trail of where the money has gone and how it has been spent.

To date, we have focused our work in five schools, including a special school. All funding support is dependent upon schools specifying in advance how they will spend the money and being subject to strict accounting and audit procedures.

The Trust works closely with the Tshwane South District Office which is the local education authority for the schools we support.  We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the District and keep officers fully up to date with the work of the trust and with activities in the schools.  The schools themselves keep their Governing Bodies up to date with the contribution that the Trust is making to the schools and, from time to time, we meet with Governors and parents’ representatives.